A Special Welcome for Age of Steam Readers!

It seems like only yesterday we were sending her out on yet another a coffee run, but today our very own Kate Milford is being interviewed on a lovely blog called Age of Steam! Frequent guests here at the NBTC website might remember Kate as our erstwhile intern before we hired Fennel; some of you might also know that Kate has her first little book coming out very soon. Well, we at the NBTC like to do what we can to support new writers; especially Kate, since she’s promised to make mention of our fair city in her interview. So I decided to put together this little introductory page to help folks who stop to find out a little more about Nagspeake! Here are some posts from the last few years that we’re particularly proud of–but do have a look around for yourself.

A Postcard Homage on the Occasion of the Nth Burning of the Civic Archives

(From Kate’s Nagspeake blog, The Expat.)

Lapland Sesame and My Day with John Pinnard, the Bastard

(From Annabelle Bechamel’s website of the same name as her eponymous Bayside sweetshop. Please note that this article does not represent the views of the Nagspeake Board of Tourism and Culture on either John Pinnard or mummified appendages that may or may not be used in the commission of crime.)

In the Hacker’s Bazaar

(Also from The Expat. I don’t get it, but Miranda Fennel says this article was very popular with the nerd demographic, and then she promised to get me Chick-Fil-A for lunch today if I included it here. But the joke’s on her, because Chick-Fil-A isn’t open on Sundays.)


Nagspeake has a storied publishing pedigree, covering centuries of history with an entire district, the Printer’s Quarter, dedicated to the literary, critical, and journalistic arts. This piece isn’t part of that history. This is from J. S. Hennepin’s disquisition on the Ilford-Mapp Riots of the last century, and as such has never before seen the light of day. And if anyone gives me any grief about it, I will deny even its existence on this page. In fact, I’m not sure why I’m including it, except that I’m feeling a little rebellious and that’s what happens after a bottle of Annabelle Bechamel’s rotgut. The drinking of which, come to think of it, was also Miranda Fennel’s idea.

On that note, I have an intern to severely reprimand.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy, and come back often!

Your devoted webmistress,

Hallie Moxton

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