Who Knew?

Edward Marie Bear has lived in Flotilla for sixty-seven years, which makes him the fifth-oldest living resident of that district. He has been a competitive worm grunter since age thirteen and still holds the world record for Most Worms Raised by Rhythmic Use of a Kitchen Whisk. His collection of worms, including over five thousand specimens representing twelve worm phyla and many thousands of species (including three that had not previously been known to exist) is a permanent exhibit at the Slope Science Centre.

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  1. Marjorie Irdris Astra says:

    Edward’s worm exhibit was fascinating, if a little daunting. To my unpracticed eye it only looked like one or two different worms – my, I didn’t know all that about phyla and species! My one suggestion to future visitors would be to wear ear plugs when you go; they’d stop the urge to smoke, which is prohibited of course, (and there are no windows in the bathroom,) and they’d block out the rhythmic sounds of the kitchen whisk, which I have to admit was slightly sensual at first, but nauseating after a few hours. Thank you for your diligent grunting, Edward. I’m sure we couldn’t be prouder.

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