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Theatre in Nagspeake is a city-wide affair; more than one innocent bystander has been unexpectedly drawn in by the sudden apparition of drama on what was, moments before, a perfectly quiet and unassuming street.  And when theatre springs up in Nagspeake, there’s no easy distinction between spectator and event.

As far as the “legitimate” theatre goes, there are only three places worth discussing: the Anodyne and Boards on the Bay Ampitheatre (home to the Boards on the Bay Repertory Company), both in Bayside, and Patrick’s House of Plays, in the Printer’s Quarter.  Reports of a floating theatre company that performs in abandoned spaces on the Slope and in Shantytown have not been reliably confirmed, but if the Horless and Deglov Puppet Players do exist, accounts of the macabre subject matter of their performances are probably exaggerated.

This Season in Nagspeake Theatre:

At Patrick’s House of Plays:

  • The Illusion (Pierre Corneille)
  • The Tower (Alexandre Dumas)
  • 1593: Wits’ End
  • 1593: The Roaring Girl

At the Anodyne, a selection of plays by Magothy Playwrights:

  • The Holmsean Solution (Bud Chell)
  • Mapp (J.S. Hennepin)
  • The Bibliophine (Addison Howthaltor; not recommended for audiences under 18)
  • Monks! the Musical (Renifault Cadrixian)
  • The Man who Wrote Murders (Stephanie Toftrie)

At Boards on the Bay:

  • Oh, Those Wacky Pirates! (Stottleford and Pine)
  • Oh, Those Wacky Cigar Rollers! (Stottleford and Pine)
  • Oh, Those Wacky Inmates! (Stottleford and Pine)
  • Oh, Those Asshole Librettists! (Stottleford and Cadrixian)
  • Monks! the Musical (Renifault Cadrixian)

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