Local Music

Like any moderately-sized city, Nagspeake has a large and thriving music scene! For traditionalists, there’s the Magothy Symphonette and the Mid-Coastal Orchestra. For jazz lovers, there’s the annual Jazz, Blues, and Pig Out at Cape St. Charlestown Park. Then there are the many saloons, restaurants, and clubs that feature live music. These, on the other hand, should be approached with caution. Nagspeake takes its music almost as seriously as it takes its history, as evidenced by the Ilford/Mapp riots of the last decade. (Have a look at Edsel Price’s celebrated writings for more on this fascinating subject.)

One of the most exciting musical presences in Nagspeake is, of course, the Asylum Choir of St. Whit Gammerbund’s Rest Home for the Mentally Chaotic. Modeled on the therapeutic theories of the French Abbé François Simonet de Coulmier (a pioneer in the practice of therapy through art), the Asylum Choir was created by the third director of the Rest Home, Doctor Aliabadi Smith. Dr. Smith’s experiment yielded great results; if it has not resulted in the revolution in psychiatry the good doctor hoped for, it has given us over a century of distinctive music–woe to all who missed last year’s performance of Cadrixian’s opera Winterfowl!

Less therapeutic but equally haunting are the solo performances of cult favorite Annaline Lister Glasharp, Nagspeake’s reigning crystallophone diva. Glasharp plays classics and original compositions at the Maltese Cross on a classic Franklin Armonica, an instrument whose ghostly tones are said to induce insanity. Not to be missed by any music lover with a little sanity to spare!


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