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The Funicular Railway

The Ledge: Why the Funicular Railway Ends in the Middle of Nowhere The passengers to make the inaugural climb on the Funicular Railway included four of the city’s top ranking officials, a cub reporter who had no business being there, and a man nobody in Nagspeake is sure ever existed. The uncertain man read a poem, and in so doing,… (more…)

Nagspeake, Past and Presumed

Nagspeake history is a chimerical beast, sphinxlike and inscrutable, and impossible to summarize at 1am after several drinks. Look for a complete, encyclopedic history of Nagspeake from the brief grounding here of a reed boat from Damascus a full fifty years before the Viking landing at Newfoundland, to the abandonment of the Magothy basin for the next hundred years, to… (more…)

Who Knew?

Charlotte Gracechurch-Ferry used to have a rather sad addiction to candy dots. When the Deacon and Morvengarde catalogue stopped offering them, she went on a three-day bourbon bender during which time Annabelle at Magothy Treats swore out a restraining order against her because Charlotte persisted in stalking Annabelle and insisting she make up batch after batch of dots, which, at… (more…)