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Do you like luxury? Is your vacation not complete without Egyptian cotton bedding (minimum 800 thread count) and a room service menu worthy of framing? Or do you prefer the home comforts and care of a bed-and-breakfast, where the smell of coffee and homemade pastries is the perfect wake-up call? Are you all business when you travel, because it’s just… (more…)

Nagspeake: A Magothy Jewel

Here’s another spot where we hope to have the kind of encyclopedic information that will be the alpha and omega for visitors as well as schoolchildren assigned “Nagspeake” as a topic. On the other hand, Willie Cobblebridge is nominally in charge of writing this page, and we started this project three years ago* and he still hasn’t submitted his content.… (more…)

Welcome to the Nagspeake Board of Tourism and Culture!

Well, we’re still working out the details, but at last we have the beginnings of the return to Nagspeake online! It’s a bit of a sad thing to say goodbye to the old site, lumbering dear thing that it was, but we have high hopes for the new site, once all things are in their places and it starts to… (more…)