Out on the Town

There’s more to Nagspeake than beaches and the last remaining asylum choir in the country! Charter a skipjack, rent a bicycle…

…wander in an  Elizabethan garden…or just a nice garden on Elizabeth Street…


…take the funicular railway up the hill to a fancy dress ball at the Shutter Club…or just wander the waterfront along the Bay Byway and amuse yourself trying to figure out which boats are bringing in illegal cargo right under the noses of the harbor police! (Hint…if you spot the Big Eye, try not to look too interested.)


You’ll find an authentic Oriental Tea Room, the most comprehensive adult magazine shop on the East Coast, and a collection of the finest cigar-rollers this side of Havana.  Be sure to plan time for a visit to the nameless crab shack on the pier off of milepost four; a cup of cracked claws still costs a quarter, but it’s anybody’s guess how much longer until a too-heavy stockpot drops the old iron stove straight through the floor or a rough wind at the wrong angle shoves all four precarious walls into the harbor.

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